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Items with * are also available between 3pm and 7pm


 “Saloio” Bread, Moura Olive Oil & Hummus from the Garden* (VG, DF) - 7,50 €/person
Pumpkin & Roasted Carrot Soup* (V, DF, GF) - 8,50 €
Beetroot Gazpacho & Grilled Cabbage* (V, GF, DF) - 8,50 €
Kale Urchins, Seaweed & Soy Yogurt Sauce* (VG, DF, GF) - 16,00 €
Razor Clam & Curry Plant* (GF, DF) - 20,00 €
Sea Bass “Tiradito”, Tiger’s Milk & Sweet Potato* (GF, DF) - 20,00 €
Burrata, Roasted Vegetables from the Garden & Basil* (VG, GF) - 18,00 €
Portuguese Cold Cuts Platter* (DF) - 22,00 €
Portuguese Cheese Platter* (VG) - 22,00 €
Portuguese Cheese & Cold Cuts Platter* - 28,00 €


Quinoa Bowl with Chard, Low-Temperature Egg & Buckwheat* (VG, DF) - 22,00 €
Tuna Bowl with Sweet Potato, Garden Leaves & Curry Emulsion (GF) - 22,00 €
Tandoori Chicken Bowl with Beetroot & Coriander Yoghurt (GF) - 22,00 €
Roasted Vegetables Toast & Pesto from the Garden* (V, DF) - 18,00 €
Roast Beef, Grilled Cabbage, Mustard & Chili Peppers Brioche - 18,00 €


Tagine with Vegetables from the Garden & Bulgur Salad (V, DF) - 27,00 €
White “Feijoca” Beans, Miso & Grilled Cabbage (V, DF, GF) - 27,00 €


Fish from Our Coast - 70,00 €/KG


Discover Our Meat Suggestion - 80,00 €/KG 


 Garlic Cabbage (V, GF, DF) - 4,00 €
Roasted Vegetables & Paprika Emulsion (V, GF) - 4,00 €
Grilled Sweet Potato & Pesto from the Garden (V, GF, DF) - 4,00 €
Fresh Garden Leaves Salad (V, GF, DF) - 4,00 €
White “Feijoca” Beans (V, GF, DF) - 4,00 €


Bread Pudding & Vanilla Ice Cream (VG) - 7,00 €
Roasted Alcobaça Apple, Granola & Cinnamon Ice Cream* (VG) - 7,50 €
Seasonal Fruit* (V, GF, DF) - 5,50 €
Santini Picolini Ice Cream* (V, GF, DF) - 5,50 €
Santini Ice Cream Pot* (VG) - 6,50 €

VG Vegetarian | V Vegan | GF Gluten Free (may contain traces) | DF Dairy Free (may contain traces) | NOTE: In case of food allergy, please request Areias do Seixo's team support

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